Monday, 14 October 2013

IMBC 2013 Coverage...

Damn blast the gods! Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this years Independent Manchester Beer Convention and just had to make do with spectating the festivities via the power of Twitter. If like me you couldn't make it, fear not, as my fellow beer-bloggers over at BeersManchester and All Beer No Belly have written up their take on the event. So grab yourself a top beer, your chosen electronic internet reading device and head to the bathroom, it might not be quite as majestic as Victoria Baths, but it's probably the best you're going to get until next year!

Update: Another write has hit the interweb courtesy of The BeerCast.

Update #2: The second part BeersManchester's IMBC adventures has landed, and more musing can be found at Tyson's Beer & Cheese Blog.

Update #3: Two more for your reading pleasure over at The Evening Brews and Beer Battered.