Sunday, 29 December 2013

Black Forest Stout Comes Under Scrutiny...

Looking back to my last brewing attempt my ambition maybe outweighed my skill, with a half a dozen ingredients and none standard adjuncts it should have been a disaster, but there are occasions where inexperience and naivety can lead to something interesting. When I posted my brewday write up I wasn't expecting the attention it had received by the kind Twitter folk, some of which were bloggers of some of my favorite beery sites, such as the guys at Beers Manchester and The Beer O'Clock Show. I decided to fire off a couple of bottles their way, just to say thanks and maybe get a little feedback, I certainly wasn't expecting a full on review, but that's exactly what I got! Even better that my humble little beer was included in Beers Manchester's #12BeersofXmas roundup, rubbing its tiny shoulders with some of the big brewers out there! Thankfully it was a positive review and a huge confidence boost! 

Slainte! ;)