Monday, 17 February 2014

Macc Homebrew Goings On...

We're only a few meets into the Macc Homebrew club and already it's really starting to gather some steam. We're still small and are working hard to gather up more members, but the one thing we do have going for us is we're based in Macclesfield! Not only are we a hotspot for a decent scoop, but we're quite central to a lot of acclaimed brewers out there. This month we're blessed to have the company of Thornbridge brewer Dominic Driscoll and Buxton head brewer Colin Stronge, who will be sharing their vast knowledge over a pint or two. In the pipeline we have future meets with Jay Krause of Quantum and Shane Swindells of Cheshire Brewhouse, so plenty of exciting times ahead! 

Not only that, one of our founding members Mike has setup our own social network to allow our members to chat without Twitter noise and share knowledge. It's still early days but we're working on building up a resource of useful info. I think eventually we would like to have some inter-club competition with some of the bigger established groups out there (Manchester and Leeds we're giving you evils!). 

So, if you're a homebrewer yourself, a beer fan or are just curious, we meet every third Tuesday of the month (next meet 18th of Feb) at the Red Willow bar in central Macclesfield (2 mins from the train station)...everyone is more than welcome!