Sunday, 23 March 2014

Macc Civilised CAMRGB #Twissup...

After having had an absolutely barn-storming time at the recent Manchester CAMRGB #twissup, superbly organised by Connor of BeerBattered, planning a Northern follow up around the streets Macclesfield was going to be a tough job, so I'm seeing this thing as more of a reunion than a full blown #twissup. No brewery visits, no beer unveiling, just catching up with beer buddies in some top places. The date chosen is Saturday, May 31st (thanks Connor!). The plan is a trawl around some of Macclesfield's top beery haunts, ending up in Red Willow's bar. Here's a list of the venues, take a look at their websites/Facebook pages:

1. Water's Green Tavern (Untappd) 1 PM - Probably a good starting point as it's right opposite the train station. Usually has some great stuff on tap from the likes of Oakham, Buxton and Magic Rock.

Directions: Macclesfield Station to Waters Green Tavern.

2. The Treacle Tap (Facebook - Untappd) 2:30 PM - Literally one minute down the road (or 3 according to Google maps), so makes sense to be next on the list. It might be small, but it's selection of quality beers is massive.

Directions: Waters Green Tavern to Treacle Tap.

3. The Wharf (Facebook - Untappd) 4 PM - A sobering hike up the hill towards Buxton bring us to The Wharf, with a top selection on tap and an excellent list of bottled Belgian beers.

Directions: Treacle Tap to The Wharf.

4. The Macc (Facebook - Untappd) 5:30 PM - Back down the hill to The Macc, the sister pub to Manchester's Knott Bar. Another good tap line up from the likes of Brewdog, Magic Rock, Thornbridge and Marble, along with decent bottle line-up.

Directions: The Wharf to The Macc.

5. Red Willow Bar (Untappd) 7 PM - 15 keg and 5 cask lines. Nuff said! The line-up never disappoints. 

Directions: The Macc to Red Willow bar.

Most of these places do serve food if you do need to refuel and line your stomach, and there's a handful of decent curry houses in between so rest assured you're not going to starve.

Getting here is pretty easy as we're on the main Manchester to London train line, so loads of trains frequent it's platforms. If you do live a bit further a field and fancy staying over there's a Travelodge right opposite the train station with decent rates.

I hope you guys can make it! If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line on the Twitter.

Update: This is not to be mistaken for Phil Hardy's super twissup - Back in Macc.