Saturday, 23 August 2014

Winner, Winner, Vienna IPA Dinner...

Well well, Thornbridge, Waitrose and BrewUK have announced the winner of the Great British Homebrew Challenge 2014, and whilst slightly disappointed it wasn't myself (I wasn't feeling very confident anyway), the winner was actually Graham Nelson (aka @arrowsails) from our very own homebrew club in Macclesfield with his Vienna IPA! You can read a bit about Graham and his winning beer over on the Telegraph. Massive congratulations to Graham and all the category winners! Can't wait to taste the winning batch at next club meet, and not to mention the finished product when it hits shelves in Waitrose stores across the country in October.

We may be a small band of brewers, but we have some talent! If you fancy coming joining us at the club we meet every last Tuesday of the month at 7:30PM in Red Willow bar in Macclesfield.