Monday, 16 February 2015

Weekly Link Roundup...

With there being so many good beer and homebrewing blogs out there I've decided to start doing an occasional roundup of some of the more interesting blog posts that have caught my eye throughout the last week or so.

Hops and Flucloxacillin - Rob Lovatt of Thornbridge talks about hop desensitisation and recalibrating your palate to enjoy some of the less hoppy beer styles that are out there.

NEW ENTRANT: Cloudwater Brew Co - The Brewery Manual have a chat with former Marble brewer James Campbell's about his new venture - Cloudwater Brew Co., a new 24 hectolitre brewery launching soon in Manchester.

Yeast, Brewing Myths and the Ideal House Strain - James Kemp, experienced brewer of the popular homebrewing blog Port 66 discusses British beer styles, which a lot of British brewers have fallen out of love with, and reclaiming the yeast strains behind them.

You Steam, I Steam, We All Steam For... - Brulosophy's latest experiment pits two steam beer yeast strains from Whitelabs and Wyeast, both of which are purported to have come from the same source. The results aren't that surprising, but it's interesting nevertheless.

Take it to the Bridge - Phil of Beersay stops buy the Thornbridge mothership to pick up some Jaipur X and of course have a nosey around the brewery.