Monday, 2 March 2015

Weekly Link Roundup...

Whole Leaf vs Pellet Hops - Part 1: Dry Hop - As the title suggests, the latest Brulosophy's series of experiments looks into the differences of dry hopping with whole leaf and pellets.

2014 Hop Harvest Data - Scott Janish has put together a handy interactive hop data chart that breaks down the oil and acid components of each hop variety.

Tips for Brewing Big Beers - If you like your beers of imperial strength then Homebrew Talk have put together a useful article of tips on brewing big beers.

Legends in Brewing: Charlie Papazian - Homebrew Talk have had a chat with homebrew legend Charlie Papazian about his life as a homebrewer.

Michael Tonsmeire: The Mad Fermentationist - The American Homebrewers Association talk with Michael Tonsmeire about homebrewing and his obsession with sour beers, which is the subject of his recently released book American Sour Beers.