Monday, 20 April 2015

Link Roundup...

Relationship of ABV to Beer Scores - Scott Janish likes his infographics and charts. This week he looks how ABV influences the user ratings of various beer styles on Beeradvocate.

Lager Fermentation: Traditional Yeast vs Hybrid Yeast - Brulosophy looks at the differences between brewing a lager with a traditional lager yeast and a none-lager yeast.

A Guide to Saisons and Saison Yeasts - Drew Beechum, one of the authors of the excellent Experimental Homebrewing, has written a useful guide with some handy hints on brewing saisons, along with tasting notes of a handful of the most popular commercially available yeasts.

Intro to Sours and The Mad Fermentationist - In the latest Fermentation Nation podcast the guys speak with Michael Tonsmeire of The Mad Fermentationist fame.