Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Link Roundup...

How 'Petrus Aged Pale' Come To Be - Belgian Smaak have an interesting article about how Brouwerij De Brabandere's Petrus Pale Ale came to be following a visit by the 'Beer Hunter' Michael Jackson.

Yeast Pitch Rates: Single Vial vs Yeast Starter - Performing experiments that you want to do but don't have the brew time, Brulosophy compare differences between pitching a fresh vial of yeast and a yeast starter.

Lactobacillus Starter Guide - Like your sours? Five Blades Brewing has posted a great guide on rustling up your own Lactobacillus starter.

An Introduction to Cask Conditioning Homebrew - The American Homebrewers Association have posted a guide on cask conditioning your own homebrew.

Under Pressure: The Impact of High(er) PSI Fermentations - Ever wondered if your beer would taste different if it were fermented under pressure? Well wonder no more, Brulosophy have it covered...