Friday, 14 August 2015

Macc Homebrew Change Venues...

I was just sat here trying to recall how long the Macclesfield Homebrew Club has been going and came to the startling realisation that we're coming up to our 2nd anniversary! It just seems like yesterday that we were all sat around the massive round tables in Red Willow all getting to know each other! However, next time we meet it won't be in Red Willow. Macclesfield's No.1 bottle shop has recently moved to bigger premises, allowing them to squeeze in a few tables and a bar, plus they're not normally open Tuesdays so we would have free reign of the place - it made sense. The main reason for the move was simple, just to have a bit of peace and quiet! We've been struggling for a while to talk to each other sat around those big tables, when there's music playing and punters enjoying themselves (how dare they!).

Other than the venue, nothing else has changed! So if you fancy meeting up with some fellow homebrewers, pop down! Everyone is welcome! We meet the last Tuesday of every month, at 7:30PM, and just to reiterate the new meeting place is Brewtique, now located in the market square (a few doors down from Pizza Express).